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Clark, John

John Clark

Managing partner of the Berlin Picture Company, John Clark is a British script-writer, producer and media consultant. His novel ‚Lone Hunter‘ is published by Avinus Verlag, who also distribute selected programming from Content-TV on CD-ROM.

His scripts for cinema films include, ‚Crossroads of Desire‘, ‚Telling Tales of Tristan and Isolde‘, ‚Harry‘, ‚Innuendo‘ (Five plays from Potsdam) and with Rudolf Steiner – ‚Life is Fair‘. For television, his work includes, ‚Interviews with Science Nobel Prize-Winners‘ and ‚Robot Football‘ (Einstein Channel), ‚Produktionsformen in Europa‘ (Arte).

In 2002, he created Content-TV (www.content-tv.com), Germany’s first online video service for academics and professionals, offering programmes online and maintaining an archive of recordings available to researchers, including presentations by Eric Hobsbawn, Markus Wolff, Tony Judt, Martha Nussbaum, inter alia, from the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Einstein Forum Potsdam, the DFG, the Berlin International Film Festival and other organisations in Germany.

The Berlin Picture Company also produces radio plays for children, distributed by the HoerVerlag Munich, which have been broadcast by MDR and Hessischer Rundfunk.

As media consultant, John Clark was instrumental in establishing the European Science Channel (Einstein TV), negotiated broadcast licences in Germany for CNI, while advising a range of media businesses including Video Symphony (Los Angeles) and UltraMedio (Poland).

He was a Juror for ‚Prix Europa‘ in 1992, has taught media production and colour theory at the Humboldt University of Berlin and MCTV (Manchester). A conference lecture, ‚Colour, Culture and Cinematography‘ was published by the Royal Institute of Philosophy in ‚Philosophy and the Visual Arts‘, (Harrison, ed).

His earlier productions, include a wide range of video films for business, UK Government Departments and broadcasters in the UK including S4C, BBC etc. John Clark’s career began at Bristol Channel Television, where he produced and presented a weekly news magazine, ‚Newspeak‘ and documentaries on ‚The Role of the Media in Elections‘, ‚The Case for Concorde‘, ‚Nationalisation‘ and ‚Coal Miners‘. His 1984, ‚Miners Strike Benefit Concert ‚ was voted joint best event of the year (shared with Paul McCartney) and joint worst event of the year (shared with Paul McCartney) in Bristol, UK.

He has also worked for the Socialist International secretariat in London.

Working closely with Universities in Berlin, John Clark has recently designed and launched a computer programme for scriptwriters and writer-directors (www.bpc-screenplay.com ), which enables the writer to use images and dialogue as audio to create an animatic of the production, while they are at work on their script. BPC-Screenplay has been described as a ‚breakthrough product‘ for script-writers by Stewart McKie of ‚ScriptWriter‘ magazine.

Books of John Clark at AVINUS:

Lone Hunter. A Novel from Berlin (2004)

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