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Shapiro, Alan N.

Alan N. Shapiro

Alan N. Shapiro is a media, technology, science fiction, and software theorist. He teaches advanced seminars at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, at the Art and Design University in Offenbach, at the Art and Design University in Milan, and at the Arts University in Berlin. Recently he was the keynote speaker at the Plektrum Festival in Tallinn (2011), at the conference on „Knowledge of the Future“ at the University of Vienna (2011), at the BOBCATSSS Information Management Conference in Amsterdam (2012), at the IEEE Conference on the Information Society in London (2012), at the Share Art Festival in Turin (2012), at the Conference on Hybrid Art and Science in Tallinn (2012), and at the ISI International Symposium of Information Science in Potsdam (2013). He has recently published 15 e-books. Alan worked 20 years as a software developer and IT consultant in industry.

Im AVINUS Verlag erschien bisher sein Buch Star Trek. Technologies of Disappearance.

Alan N. Shapiro on Deutschlandradio Kultur:  „Ich halte Star Trek für einen großen Text der westlichen Kultur“. Interview vom 10.12.2009
Alan N. Shapiro interviewed by Laura Mitchell on redroom: „The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, it will be led by Radical Software“. Interview vom 26.12.2009

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